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DMK Home Prescriptive

deep pore treatment


Deep Pore Cleansers

A gentle non-stripping cleanser for normal, oily, or congested skin, Deep Pore works to flush out embedded impurities.

skin treatment

Milk Cleanser

Without stripping the skin, Milk Cleanser assists to loosen the debris deep within the pores while its herbal formulation helps to soothe reactive skin.


h&m mist skin relaxation

Herb & Mineral Mist

Formulated using DMK’s signature blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements, Herb & Mineral Mist aids in the transdermal delivery of DMK oils and crèmes.

aminodine skin care

Aminodine Spritz

For sun-damaged and mature skin, Aminodine Spritz helps to inhibit deep cross-linked wrinkles and a yellow appearance. Formulated using antioxidants it also works to revise an excess of weakened and fragile capillary vessels and increase free water levels to refresh and rehydrate the skin.

Nourishing Crème

nite f skin care

Nite Firming

Nite Firming crème penetrates deep inside the skin to work on a cellular level to revitalise, strengthen and regenerate younger, firmer skin.

contraderm skin care


Contraderm is recommended to help soothe irritated skin and manage skin conditions that cause flaking, itching or redness. Contraderm calms, heals and keeps the skin hydrated. A must have in every medicine bag.


Eye Care

eye tone skin care

Eye Tone

Fight back against dark circles, puffy eyes and early signs of ageing with the help of Eye Tone. Its unique formulation encourages the skin to function as it did when it was younger; the botanical ingredients help to plump the skin and revise wrinkles and fine lines.

fine line skin care

Fine Line

Is an extremely nourishing eye and neck crème, that helps to rejuvenate the skin and revise lines, wrinkles and dryness around the eyes, lips and neck.


spf 50 dmk home prescriptive

Soleil Protect SPF 50+

An Australian made broad spectrum, water resistant, non-greasy sunscreen, DMK Soleil Defence SPF50+ doesn’t just aid in the protection from sunburn without clogging the skin, it works to help prevent premature ageing and pigmentation.

spf 15 dmk home prescriptive

Soleil Protect SPE 15

Is an everyday light, non-greasy sun protection that won’t cause breakouts and helps protect the skin against the risk of sunburn.


p drops skin clinic

Pore Reduction Drops

Pore Reduction Plus drops are designed to visibly reduce enlarged pores naturally without stripping and irritating the skin. It purifies and calms the skin, reducing redness and is antibacterial. Recommended for red reactive skin, acne, congestion, rosacea, and fragile capillaries as well as large or stretched pores.

m drops skin treatment

Melanotech Drops

A powerful concentrate, Melanotech Drops are formulated to help minimise hormonal or severe hyper-pigmentation without bleaching the skin. The powerful formulation helps to brighten and create a beautiful even complexion.

betgel skin treatment


Beta Gel

Beta Gel is a powerful immune-boosting serum designed to address all skin conditions. The formulation contains beta-glucan to enhance the skin’s ability to reduce redness and inflammation, repair damaged cells and stimulate growth factors. Perfect for acne, congestion, rosacea, aging, sun damage, and red-reactive skin.

vit c anti-aging treatment

Direct Delivery Vitamin C

One of DMK’s most powerful skin rebuilding tools, Direct Delivery Vitamin C is a sophisticated serum used to stimulate collagen production, suppress pigmentation formation, protect against environmental damage as well as regenerate healthy skin.


seba e acne treatment


Formulated to emulate the acid mantle and restore the skin’s natural barrier function. This helps to prevent skin dehydration which can cause roughness, flakiness, red reactive skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of bounce and elasticity in the skin.

herbal p pigmentation treatment

Herbal Pigment Oil

Herbal Pigment Oil is a hydrating oil that helps to brighten, smooth, and strengthen the skin, whilst protecting against dehydration. When combined with Herb & Mineral Mist it imitates the skin’s natural barrier to repair reactive and fragile skin. 

Nourishing Crème

acu creme skin care

Acu Créme

Acu Créme works to gently regulate cell turnover (which smoothes the skin) and purify and decongest the skin, while the formulation’s natural oils keep it nourished and moisturized.

creme cit skin care

Crème Citrique

Crème Citrique is brilliant at balancing oil flow as well as increasing water for hydration. Crème Citrique is packed full of brightening ingredients to help revise the appearance of pigmentation.

biogen c skin care

Nourishing Crème

Biogen C

DMK’s ‘beauty in a flash’ crème, Biogen C is great for people who want to look refreshed and youthful. Formulated using collagen boosting ingredients that help to improve the skin’s elasticity, it works to tone and tighten the skin. Biogen C can also be used to strengthen weakened capillaries and calm skin under environmental stress.

Nourishing Crème

hydroloc best skin care


Hydroloc is an occlusive crème that is designed to prevent the skin from drying out as well as protecting it from environmental damage.

melanotech creme skin care

Melanotech Crème

Melanotech Crème’s rich herbal formulation is specifically designed for hyper-pigmentation and skin genetically prone to pigmentation.

Nourishing Crème

pro amino skin care

Pro Amino

Pro Amino’s rich nutritional formulation replicates the skin’s own natural moisturising factors to balance the skin.

betagen skin care


Known as DMK’s ‘emergency crème’, Betagen is a unique formulation designed to revise skin demonstrating sensitivity, environmental stress, sun damage, premature ageing and signs of trauma.

Specialty Products

revitosin skin care


Revitosin works to regulate, rebuild and strengthen the skin, bringing the skin back into balance. A powerful blend of vitamin A’s help to regulate cell proliferation, the flow of oil and encourage RNA which prevents cell

revise a skin care

Revise A

Revise A’s light exfoliating properties aim to maintain cellular renewal and encourage a healthy, youthful complexion. A powerful vitamin A formulation, it works to promote and regulate the growth of normal and healthy cells.

Specialty Products

actrol skin care

Actrol Powder

This magic powder is excellent for acne-prone skin as it works to absorb excess oil. It also has soothing and healing properties that help to clear blemishes and can be used on the most sensitive skin types.

epitoxyl skin care


Is designed to pull toxins and impurities out of the skin for those who suffer from acne, congested skin and also for skin exposed to high amounts of environmental toxins.

Masques & Exfoliants

micro peel dmk home prescriptive

Micro Peel

A fresh glowing appearance is only a Micro Peel away! This gentle, non-irritating exfoliant formulation works to remove dead cell material and debris quickly and easily. Recommended for most skin types, Micro Peel helps to revise and refresh dull, coarse or wrinkled skin. Transform your skin from dull to beautifully glowing!

exoderma dmk home prescriptive

Exoderma Peel

Helps remove dead cell material while the neutral pH formulation works to leave the skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Specialty Products

red vein dmk home prescriptive

Red Vein Crème

Red Vein Crème works to revise the underlying cause of capillary damage by stimulating blood flow and flushing out the capillaries, whilst aiding in strengthening their wall and cell membranes. This encourages increased oxygenation within the skin to revise swollen capillaries, reduce redness as well as acne, vascular scarring and bruising.

solar damage skin care

Solar Damage Gel

Bring back the skin’s vitality with the help of Solar Damage Gel. Its protective barrier properties work to soothe and rehydrate the skin. Its specific formulation is designed to prevent water loss, soothe post-treatment irritation, reduce redness and encourage healing.

Masques & Exfoliants

acu masquw dmk home prescriptive


Acu Masque is for all skin conditions including red inflamed skin, acne and congestion, as well as sensitive skin that needs a deep clean. Acu Masque helps to combat toxins while assisting to clear and soothe the skin.

hydrating dmk home prescriptive

Hydrating Masque

Formulated to help prevent premature ageing and to hydrate dry skin, Hydrating Masque helps to increase the skin’s vital free water levels. It provides supreme hydration which is great for skin prone to irritation and sensitivity and encourages the appearance of firmer and more youthful looking skin.

Specialty Products

super bright skin care

Super Bright

An advanced technology night crème, Super Bright is designed with a superior blend of botanical ingredients that work to assist the revision of pigmentation and to brighten the skin.


Masques & Exfoliants

foamy lift dmk home prescriptive

Foamy Lift 

Foamy Lift supports optimal skin function between DMK treatments and works to purify, strengthen, brighten, and tone the skin.

All Products Must Be Prescribed By Your DMK Therapist

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