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EFA Ultra

A supplément of powerful group of essential fatty acids 3,6,7 and 9 derived from evening primrose and seabuckbuck  seed oil and provides more than 190 nutrients and bioactive  substances. They contain pure organic coconut oil and melanin seaweed extract.

EFA’s is designed for a wide variety of conditions with the aim of repairing the cell membranes and helping to rebuild a stronger healthier and better functioning skin. It is formulated to Aid in the improvement of water loss and to reduce transdermal water loss. It is particularly useful for acne, inflamed or reactive skin, pigmentation and hormonal imbalances as well as fine lines, wrinkles , ageing, saggy skin.



Relax is designed to help you remain focused and calm. It can reduce stress during the day and may assist with sleeping better at night.

Relax – supporting physical and mental functioning it helps to relieve symptoms of stress and poor sleeping patterns while assisting to maintain a healthy digestive system.

How Relax works with your Body?

*it assists to relieve nervous and restlessness

*helps support cognitive and mental functions

*works to temporarily relieve symptoms of stress ( such as mental fatigue and feelings of weakness)

  •  may assist with healthy adrenal function

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Digestive Tune-Up

Three-Step Process: Cleanse, Restore & Maintain The Regul8 Digestive Tune-Up is a herbal based three-step process that cleanses, soothes and repairs the gastrointestinal system. It removes unwanted and unhealthy organisms, soothes existing irritations and aids sustainable gut health. This re-balances thé good bacterial cultures and provides them with the appropriate environment to flourish. We call this the Weed, Feed, Seed approach.

Restoring and nourishing the micro-flora in the digestive system with our unique micro-encapsulated probiotics that protect and ensure maximum survival of live cultures to the lower intestine.

  1.  Cleanse – Weed. How Cleanse works with your body? * It is used to aid intestinal cleansing. *Manages digestive disturbances * Assists to relieve digestive upset and disturbances

  2. Restore – Feed. How Restore works with your Body? * it is used to strengthen and soothe the mucous tissue of the gastrointestinal tract and as a nutritive tonic * works as a demulcent for the relief of symptoms of mild gastrointestinal discomfort * hell’s maintain the body’s biochemical pathways for energy production * works to maintain cell membrane stability

  3. Maintain – How Maintain works with your Body? * provides unique micro encapsulated probiotics that protect and deliver maximum survival of cultures to the lower digestive system * promotes the growth and activity of probiotics in the intestines through the inclusion of FOS which is a prebiotic

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With our holistic approach, we would like to introduce you to our supplements. These supplements are highly recommended when it come to looking after you skin. 

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