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Burn fat and build muscle! The most advanced innovation in non-invasive fat reduction is now available at Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Services. Emsculpt simultaneously builds muscle whilst burning fat for optimum body sculpting results.

Do you have “problem areas” such as the stomach, butt or thighs that lack the response you desire from regular exercise and a healthy diet? Over time, we lose muscle tone and store fat. Emsculpt is a comfortable treatment that can build muscle and eliminate fat in those hard to sculpt areas. Tone the abs, reduce and tone the thighs, or sculpt the behind with an Emsculpt butt lift!

Find out how you can reduce unwanted fat and tone muscle by booking a consultation. Emsculpt now includes Body, Arms, Inner Thighs and Calves. Call Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Services on (03) 9769 3889 or request an appointment online.

What Is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is the FDA approved body shaping treatment, with absolutely no downtime, designed to reduce fat AND build muscle in comfortable 30 minute treatments.

Emsculpt treatment focuses on both fat and muscle. You may be familiar with fat freezing treatments or other non-invasive body contouring treatments that only target fat, which is only part of the solution. Emsculpt differs in that it not only targets unwanted fat, it also tones muscle with thousands on supra-maximal muscle contractions.

Emsculpt uses HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetics) to stimulate thousands of muscle contractions in every treatment. The supra-maximal muscle contractions stimulated during Emsculpt treatment are far more intense than you could do voluntarily, such as during a gym workout. You will experience up to 20,000 supra-maximal muscle contractions during a 30 minute Emsculpt treatment. Consider how amazing your abs or butt would look if it was possible do 20,000 super-intense sit-ups or squats in a 30-minute workout!

Emsculpt is FDA-approved for the strengthening, toning and firming of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. By targeting body fat and muscle simultaneously, you can look forward to seeing results in weeks, not in 3+ months like most non-surgical fat reduction treatments.

What Areas Can Emsculpt Treat?

Emsculpt is most effective for building and toning muscle, and removing unwanted stubborn fat on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. For women, the non-invasive butt lift treatment with Emsculpt is very popular. With age, the butt can lose perkiness and tone, and gain fat. Emsculpt can tone and re-shape the butt muscles and eliminate fat. Emsculpt stomach treatment, particularly after pregnancy and childbirth, can help to tone and strengthen stomach muscles. 

For men, giving the abs definition with Emsculpt stomach treatment is the most popular. Excess stomach fat and loss of definition are common concerns for men. Emsculpt treatment is equivalent to 20,000 super-intense sit ups or ab crunches in 30 minutes.

How Does Emsculpt Treatment Feel?

The sensation from Emsculpt treatment is similar to a strong muscle contracting sensation that you feel doing a good workout. While there is no recovery period, you may feel muscle soreness similar to after an intensive workout.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The recommended Emsculpt treatment protocol is four 30-minute sessions, 2 to 3 days apart.

Emsculpt Results

The FDA approved Emsculpt by BTL Aesthetics has been clinically studied. Five separate clinical trials on the abdomen included MRI, CT scan and Ultrasound in the measuring of results and evaluation. Results from the clinical trials showed:

  • 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat

  • 16% increase in muscle mass

  • Average waist reduction of 4.4cm

  • 91% satisfaction with treatment results


*Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.

Best results are seen by people who already lead a healthy lifestyle and who are at or close to their ideal BMI range. Some patients see results after the third session, most see results after the fourth session. Results continue to improve up to 6 months post treatment.

To promote long-lasting results, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise is recommended. To tone muscle and reduce fat without breaking a sweat, book your Emsculpt consultation by calling (03) 9769 3889 or request an appointment online.

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